tampa Bay Business Journal: Constantin Haag Awarded "Up & Comers 2013 in Tampa"


Owner Constantin Haag was managing a Robotic Parking Systems Inc. garage at age 15. The fully computerized and automated garage in New Jersey was running at nearly 100 percent capacity and generating about $9 million a year.


Robotic Parking moved Haag to Tampa Bay when he was 18 to start a production facility. At 21 he was the chief operating officer overseeing $40 million in garages and at 22 he was on the company’s board....


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Tadano's 450 ton all terrain ATF 400G-6 makes its first lift in Florida


Tadano America Corporation Interview with Bob Steiner, President & Justin Steiner Sales Manager of Barcelona Equipment, Inc., Clearwater, Florida.



Tadano’s First U.S. Customer Delivery of the ATF 400G-6 All Terrain Crane


Representatives from Barcelona Equipment and Tadano Cranes met at the port in Brunswick, GA to take delivery of the new Tadano ATF 400G-6 all terrain crane.  The ATF 400G-6 was driven from Brunswick, Georgia to Barcelona Equipment’s office located in Clearwater, Florida.  Upon delivery, a customer requested use of the crane and within days of the crane’s arrival to the Barcelona yard it was sent to its first job.


Barcelona’s customer, Hammer Haag Steel needed the crane to load equipment on a barge that was heading to Louisiana.  This was a very complex project, which utilized over 90% of the cranes’ capacity.  The lift was 171,000 lbs. at a 46-foot radius. The crane was equipped with maximum counterweights and the total weight of the load was 350,000 lbs. The ATF 400G-6 performed impeccably.


Following the successful completion of the job, Constantin Haag, President of Hammer Haag Steel, remarked, “Barcelona is the finest crane company we have dealt with in the industry and Tadano’s new crane followed with the tradition of perfect performance and safety Barcelona always brings to the job. This Tadano all-terrain is the best in the Barcelona fleet.”


The crane was then brought back to the Barcelona yard for two weeks of training with Tadano service technicians.  Two of these technicians were here from the Tadano Faun factory in Germany where the ATF 400G-6 is manufactured.  Bob Steiner could not say enough about the professionalism and service training of the Tadano service technicians.  He believes that this was the smoothest and most professional team he has ever encountered in all of his 46 years in the crane industry.  He stated the Tadano service culture is immeasurable in this day and age...




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Ceo constantin haag tv interview: Our Issues Tampa Bay - Young Movers and Shakers


Owner Constantin Haag interviewed by Local TV Channel Great 38 about his business and growth.

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